Uses Cases and Utility

The TRIO token has several current use cases, and may or may not support additional utility in the future. The OrdinalsBot team makes no guarantees or promises about any future utility.

Current Utility

  • Pay with TRIO to access a 20% discount on all service fees paid to OridinalsBot.

  • Hodl TRIO to earn Hodling Rewards and random prizes such as Pizza sats.

  • Vote with TRIO to participate in the community governance process.

Possible Future Utility

Additional utility may become viable to support in the future, especially if the TRIO token adds support for one or more Bitcoin L2s, where the token can be used in more complex and generalized smart contract logic.

For the avoidance of doubt, none of the use cases listed below are currently supported, and the OrdinalsBot team makes no guarantees or promises about any future utility.

  • As a collector, hold TRIO to get priority access to high-profile mints, oversubscribed token launches, and exclusive allow lists and whitelist slots.

  • As a collection or artist, hold TRIO to get your collection featured higher in listings.

  • As a collector, vote with TRIO to get your favorite collection featured in listings.

  • As a collector, stake tokens to curate which collections can launch on the launchpad. Curators who support a project are eligible to earn whitelist slots, but if the project rug-pulls, the curator’s stake may be slashed.

  • As a collector, stake, spend, or burn tokens to reserve whitelist slots or earn raffle tickets for a chance to win whitelist slots.

  • As a user, burn or spend tokens to access future features or products, such as registering an Bitcoin identity or creating a profile.

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