The introduction of OrdinalBot’s BRC20 utility token, TRIO, further improves the product’s network effects, strengthening the value proposition for each core aspect of the platform.

The TRIO token aligns user incentives, streamlines fees, rewards collectors, and gives users control over the future of the OrdinalsBot platform via user governance.

This section discusses each aspect of the token, including supply, utility, and governance.

Basic Information



Total supply





BRC-20 (Soon also Runes)


TRIO is the utility token of the OrdinalsBot ecosystem, designed to align incentives, streamline fees, and reward collectors. With a fixed supply of 21,000,000 non-divisible tokens, TRIO is allocated as follows:

  • 38% to the community via public sale, airdrop, and rewards

  • 33.8% to team, advisors, and investors with a 19-month weighted average vesting period

  • 28.2% to the treasury, with a portion controlled by community governance

TRIO tokens offer the following utility:

  • Fee discounts: Pay for OrdinalsBot products and services with a 20% discount

  • Governance: Participate in key decisions shaping the platform's future

  • Action-based earning: Earn TRIO rewards for contributing to the community

  • Hodling rewards: Earn monthly staking-like rewards for holding TRIO (TBD)

The vesting schedule and emissions are designed to balance insider and public ownership while encouraging long-term commitment to the OrdinalsBot ecosystem. As the platform evolves, TRIO may integrate with Bitcoin L2s, enabling staking, advanced governance, and more.

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