Fungible Tokens

One of the most powerful use cases for inscriptions is the ability to create fungible tokens of various standards, such as BRC20. OrdinalsBot provides a variety of features and infrastructure rails as a service in order to support fungible token communities including minting, token gating, vesting, and payment processing. OrdinalsBot supports minting tokens from the following fungible token standards:

  • BRC20

  • Tap Protocot

  • CBRC20 (Coming soon)

  • Runes (Coming soon)

  • ARC20 (Coming soon)

Just as with minting any Ordinal, OridnalsBot makes it simple for creators, founders, projects, and communities to launch a fungible token successfully. Additional related services for token mints and launches are provided, as covered in the Launchpad product section below. Pricing is the same for all fungible tokens. This at the time of the writing of the white paper, is a 2000 Sats fee, and becomes 1600 Sats when paying in TRIO tokens, because of the 20% discount.

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