The total supply of TRIO is 21,000,000 tokens. As a BRC20 token, each token itself is 1 satoshi, the smallest possible denomination of bitcoin. TRIO tokens are thus non-divisible, the smallest possible unit of TRIO tokens is 1 token.

TRIO tokens are allocated in the following proportions:

  • Team 13.5% (2,835,000)

  • Advisors 1.5% (315,000)

  • Private Round 1 Investors 9.6% (2,016,000)

  • Private Round 2 Investors 9.2% (1,932,000)

  • Treasury 28.2% (5,922,000)

    • Immediate Unlock Portion 10% (2,100,000)

    • Extended Unlock Portion 18.2% (3,822,000)

  • Airdrop 6.5% (1,365,000)

  • Reward Actions 25.0% (5,250,000)

  • Hodling Rewards 5% (1,050,000)

  • Public Sale 1.5% (315,000)

These allocations represent OrdinalsBots’ commitment to community involvement. Aggregating each bucket by category of Insiders (team, advisors, private round investors), tokens available to the Public (public sales, airdrops, or emissions), and tokens allocated to the Treasury:

  • Public Access: 38.0%

  • Insiders & Private Sales: 33.8%

  • Treasury: 28.2%


The goal of the extended treasury is to drive forward the future of the TRIO and OrdinalsBot ecosystem. This in its broadest sense will see us pushing forward Ordinals and Bitcoin development to make TRIO one of the most important organizations in the ecosystem.

The OrdinalsBot core team plans to make the treasury spending process transparent to token holders and decisions can be influenced by the governance process, once governance is implemented.

TRIO tokens used to pay service fees (for a 20% discount) are allocated in the below manner, subject to any future governance votes that may change these allocations:

  • 50% funding future Reward Action Emissions

  • 50% retained by the treasury

OrdinalBot’s goal as a core team is to drive bitcoin development forward, and the core team believes this can be best achieved with decisions taken by the development company with the input of the community governance process.

Private Sales

The two rounds of private sales for 18.8% of total token supply took place at an average price of $1.0132 per token.

Public Sale

The OrdinalsBot core team offered a public sale of 1.5% of the total token supply at $1.90 per token in April 2024.

Residents from some jurisdictions may not be eligible for the public sale, and other restrictions may apply.

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