The TRIO token enables holders to participate in community governance, providing valuable signaling of user preferences to the OrdinalsBot team and for the team to directly solicit input on key decisions. This governance process is indicative of user preferences, which the OrdinalsBot team will take into consideration, though the team itself has final decision making power.

The team and community as a whole will weigh all sensible options to further decentralize over time. Examples of matters pertinent to the governance process, which would be made with community input, include decisions such as which Bitcoin L2s to integrate with (if any), which product features or token use cases should be added, and how to allocate TRIO tokens used to pay for services. Matters of how to allocate treasury revenues earned in non-TRIO (ex. BTC or USD) are excluded from governance - for instance, TRIO holders should not anticipate non-TRIO revenue being distributed to token holders as the result of a governance vote.

The TRIO governance process follows the below process:

  1. Anyone can create a governance proposal. (In the future a minimum token holding may be imposed to submit a proposal in order to limit spam, but this minimum token holding itself would be added with consideration from community governance).

  2. The community is expected and encouraged to engage with proposals as they see fit, including but not limited to:

    • Providing feedback for the proposal

    • Asking clarifying questions

    • Making suggested changes, edits, or improvements

    • Proposing tests or analyses that can be done to optimize parameters

    • Voting to support for the proposal

  3. Voting against the proposal (in this case, it is asked that community members clarify what changes or improvements they would like to the proposal in order to support it)

New governance proposals are recommended to use the following format.

Governance Proposal Template

[Proposal Title] Author(s): [Name of author(s)] Date: [Date] Previous Discussion: [Link(s) to relevant discussions or posts that inspired this proposal]


[1-2 short paragraphs on the problem. e.g. Why do users need this proposal? Why is the current situation suboptimal?]

Target User

[1-2 sentences to identify the specific “target market” or user segment that this proposal is intended to benefit.]


[Bullet points of the key benefits this proposal would provide.]

Requirements / Constraints

[Bullet point any specific requirements or constraints that need to be taken into account. e.g. a constraining budget for token emissions; a specific technological constraint.]

Key Concepts

[Bullet points of key concepts involved.]

User Journey

[Step-by-step breakdown of the user journey and experience with this new proposal. Where relevant, highlight the differences between the current user experience and the proposed user experience in each step of the journey, as well as the tradeoffs in design choices involved.]

[Bullet points of relevant parameters and their proposed initial values, and links to any relevant analysis or optimization performed to derive these values.]


[Bullet points of the risks or vulnerabilities introduced.]

[Supporting links e.g. research previously done on the topic, similar products or features, diagrams, analysis, citations, etc.]

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